Bottle Jack vs Floor Jack – Which is Better?

Bottle Jack vs Floor Jack

Are you about to make your first jack purchase and can’t decide on what to get? Here your biggest concern is the type which you’ll be needing. Now I know it’s all quite overwhelming especially when you don’t know much about jacks and their types. The following article contains details of each type and how it will suit your specific

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Can You Drive with a Broken Sway Bar Link

Can You Drive with a Broken Sway Bar Link? Sway bar link is the point of attachment between the sway bars of a vehicle. They are meant for stabilization, which creates a connection between the suspension controlling components. Sway bars reduced the leaning of the vehicle’s body while turning at high speed. The primary purpose of these links is stability.

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What Are Paddle Shifters in Car?

What is Paddle Shifter? Paddle shifters are an exotic alternative solution for special cars. Where manual cars use a conventional gear stick for changing gear while driving, paddle shifters are an innovative way of putting the car into gear. Paddle shifters are present on the back of the steering wheel. By pushing them, the car gets into the driving gear,

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How to Clean Car Battery Terminals with WD40

Corrosion is quite a normal problem when it comes to battery terminals. It usually happens due to the release of Hydrogen gas which reacts with the components near the battery of the car. It might also happen because of electrolyte leakage. If only one of the terminals has corroded, the reason can be slightly different. When only a negative terminal

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What Size is a Spark Plug Socket

A spark plug socket is a tool meant for screwing the plug (tighten or loosen). It comes in various sizes depending on the hex of the spark plug. Hex (hexagon) is the diameter of the central region of the spark plug. The socket serves the purpose of tightening or loosening the plug through that hex. The size varies with the

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