How to Tell Which Tire Sensor is Bad


How to Tell Which TPMS Sensor is Bad? TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is a preinstalled system in modern cars that monitors your vehicle’s tires’ pressure. It computes the air pressure in your vehicle’s tires and alarms you if the air pressure is abnormal. If tpms sensor reading wrong pressure, then finding a faulty tpms sensor is not a big

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Brake Pad Replacement How Often – Guide with FAQs

A brake pad is a part of an automobile that is comprised of discs attached to the stock of the automobile. The discs are steel plates; friction material is attached to these discs’ surface that faces the brake rotors. The brake pads are present in adjustable jaws. They are an essential part of any automobile as they convert kinetic energy

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What are Brake Overheating Symptoms

Brake Overheating Symptoms

What are Brake Overheating Symptoms? Brakes are one of the most crucial parts of any automobile as without them, you won’t be able to stop. This is why regular maintenance and immediate repair is important. Decelerating Car When you are driving and feel as if the car is slowing down even when your foot is off the brake pedal, it

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Why Do We Need to Rotate Tires?

Tire rotation refers to routinely reposition of your vehicle’s tires in various settings, from side to side or back to front. It is a vital component for maintaining the safety and upkeep of your car tires. Tire rotation may actually be a prerequisite for keeping your tires covered under a warranty. Tire rotation patterns are important implying that you should

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