Bottle Jack vs Floor Jack – Which is Better?

Bottle Jack vs Floor Jack

Are you about to make your first jack purchase and can’t decide on what to get? Here your biggest concern is the type which you’ll be needing. Now I know it’s all quite overwhelming especially when you don’t know much about jacks and their types. The following article contains details of each type and how it will suit your specific

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Best Jack Stand for Car – Reviews & Use Guide

Jack stands are tower or tripod shaped, are designed to support the raised vehicle. They should be placed under the vehicle axle or frame to provide additional support for an elevated car. Jack stands are available in different types and are categorized by maximum height and capacity. In most cases, the height of the jack stand is expressed in inches

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Learn How to Use a High Lift Jack like a Pro!

High lift Jack

Although high lift jacks may seem small in size, they offer high versatility in a vast range of activities. The jack is ideal for lifting, fencing, winching your vehicle and clamping tires. The jack can do both pushings and pull swiftly. The stud is commonly used on tall or off-road vehicles such as jeeps, mining trucks, and land rovers. It

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