Does Car Have To Be Running To Use OBD2 Scanner

Does car have to be running to use obd2 scanner

Taking your vehicle down to the garage to get the annual tuning done is becoming really outmoded nowadays. That is because of the introduction of an advanced high-speed computerized system called OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostic) scanner. This system has the capability of correcting the ignition and fuel mixture automatically at each crankshaft revolution. It made things much better than the past

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Upstream vs Downstream O2 Sensor – A Comparison

upstream vs downstream o2 sensor

A car may include several sensors such as an air-fuel ratio sensor, parking sensor, tire pressure monitor, oxygen sensor, etc. Each sensor is used for a specific purpose so that that vehicle runs at optimal efficiency. Amongst these sensors, the oxygen sensor is considered to be the most important one. There are two types of Oxygen sensors,  Upstream and Downstream.

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